STEVE ROPPOLO – Electric Bass and Vocals

LARRY ROPPOLO – Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
PETER MERKLE – Lead Vocals
50th Montage-Paterno 058

STEVE is the heart and soul of ARION, with a powerful passion and optimism for the music that is seldom seen. A self-taught bassist, Steve (and brother Larry) first gained the spark to form a group after attending a neighbor’s band rehearsals. Influenced heavily by the Beatles, Moody Blues and the classic rock bands of that era, Steve honed his playing skills through hours of practice, a discipline he still maintains to this day. Like any great bass player, Steve realizes the importance of working with a drummer with impeccable meter, and both sharing the responsibility of playing “in the pocket” and driving each song from start to finish. Steve continues to reside in the Chicago area.

STEVE ROPPOLO – Electric Bass and Vocals
Steve on Stage 1990

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