PETER MERKLE – Lead Vocals

LARRY ROPPOLO – Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
PETER MERKLE – Lead Vocals
50th Montage-Paterno 058

When ARION needed to quickly recruit a new singer for a road tour, they were fortunate to discover their best and final lead vocalist, then performing in a Chicago band. Lanky, with a head covered with golden curls and sporting a perpetual smile, PETER became the perfect front man. Pete mastered over 40 tunes in a matter of weeks and then hit the road for the trip of a lifetime. Through weeks, months and years of gigs and off-day rehearsals, Peter became an exciting, polished performer, winning over even the toughest audiences with his energetic, powerful vocals and on-stage presence. As if this wasn’t enough for most groups to be thankful for, Pete had one additional talent, that as a proficient songwriter. Pete has contributed heavily to the ARION writing repertoire, but the one song that he will always be identified with is his powerful anthem, Here’s Looking At You Kid. This magnum opus starts off slowly and quietly, slowly building to an emotional ballad crescendo, using numerous lyrical metaphors to tell the story of a strained love relationship. Peter resides in the Windy City.

STEVE ROPPOLO – Electric Bass and Vocals
Steve on Stage 1990

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