LARRY ROPPOLO – Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

LARRY ROPPOLO – Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
PETER MERKLE – Lead Vocals
50th Montage-Paterno 058

If LARRY had been born many centuries ago, this free spirit may have been a wandering minstrel playing for the love of his music. Like older brother Steve, Larry has lived to perform on stage, playing gigs even before entering his teenage years. As he matured into his later teenage years, Larry was such an accomplished player that other guitarists would be seen standing in front of the stage, amazed at his dexterity and polished playing style. When traveling on the road across the country, the hundreds of gigs and countless free-time hours of practice and rehearsals have deservedly put him in the upper echelon of great guitarists. Additionally proficient on the acoustic guitar, Larry is from the “less is more” school of band guitarists, playing clever, refined licks that compliment each song. When the time comes for him to take a solo, watch out; he’ll mesmerize you with chops that only a highly seasoned and talented pro can master. Though Chicago will always be considered home, Larry currently resides on the Kona Coast, big island Hawaii.

STEVE ROPPOLO – Electric Bass and Vocals
Steve on Stage 1990

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