Band Members

STEVE ROPPOLO – Electric Bass and Vocals
Steve on Stage 1990



The story of the band ARION is one that cannot be properly told in a short period of time: It would actually take several hours, even a full day for the listener to absorb its unique history. The group consists of three core members who have performed together for the past thirty years, with brothers STEVE ROPPOLO and LARRY ROPPOLO playing as a musical team for the past forty-five years.


Though many band members have come and gone over the years, it has been the powerful, resonant lead vocals of PETER MERKLE, the wide spectrum of sounds created by guitar virtuoso LARRY ROPPOLO and the tasty, in-the-pocket bass lines of STEVE ROPPOLO that have defined the ARION sound.


Over the years ARION has performed throughout the U.S. and Canada, winning acclaim for their exciting live shows and in particular, their self-penned material. After many recent years of planning, preparation and recording, ARION is now ready to show their fans, past, present and future, that their time has come for national and international exposure and acclaim.


The highly proficient songwriting skills of ARION are about to be displayed to fans on their upcoming release, NEW DAWN RISING. Co-produced with legendary singer-songwriter KEVIN CHALFANT (707, The Storm, Two Fires) and mixed by producer BEAU HILL (Winger, Warrant, Europe, Ratt, Alice Cooper), the dozen songs will highlight the writing versatility ARION displays in the “Melodic Rock” genre.


As a powerful triumvirate, polished by over a century of combined years of live performing, writing and recording, ARION is about to prove that like fine, vintage wine, they’ve gotten, much, much better with age.


LARRY ROPPOLO – Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
PETER MERKLE – Lead Vocals
50th Montage-Paterno 058

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